Flat File Browsing

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Flat File Browsing

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There is a feature that would be totally cool. Something I have only seen in one app, but that one app was not a file explorer. That would be flat file browsing. The example app that I am referring to is Mp3Tag. When I open a folder with the app it shows all of the files in folder and subfolders in a flat table with the path as a column, and filename in another column. This allows file renaming and selection with out the normal tree shuffle. I know your app opens multiple tabs, but it is very nice to rename files or edit files without expanding a tree, or switching to another tab. When I use Mp3Tag, I can sort by the folder path column and I see the files in folder order if I want.

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Re: Flat File Browsing

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In XYplorer that's called "Branch View" (being able to see all files at once, either indented or not) or "Paperfolder" (flat only)...
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