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New Help message bar

Post by CompSystems » 30 Jul 2020 05:04

sorry robotic translation

Una idea :idea: New Help message bar

Create a new predictive help message bar below the status bar, in order to inform what options can be executed by clicking or left-clicking, right-clicking and moving with the mouse wheel

In many parts I left or right-click to see what action it does or what menu opens, the idea is before clicking what possibilities there are to choose from.

memory is fragile, it is difficult or almost impossible to know what action will be executed by clicking, left or right.

usage example
when the pointer approaches the name of a file, show on the help bar,
"a click to select, a second click to select part (name or extension), a third click to start editing. shift + mouse wheel, scroll horizontally"

when approaching the pointer to [+], show on the help bar,
"a right click to select a list of subfolders, click to open folder"

on a tab, and more specifically on a folder icon
"right click shows the list of top subfolders"

by selecting the folder icon and clicking
"click shows the list of subfolders"
"mouse wheel, scroll horizontally between tabs"

4: on the vertical scroll bar
"right click, quick page menu, go back or go forward a page, etc ..."

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