extra column - add multiple tags

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extra column - add multiple tags

Post by rur54 » 04 Oct 2019 02:43

Hi, I would like to keep (for example) "genres" separately from general tags.
So I created extra tags column as "pup-up" list where I listed few genres (action, horror, scifi, etc...).

Problem is I can only select one and a movie can have few different ones.
Anyway to make it multiple selection so I can add "action" and "scifi" to file selection?

I can edit manually and add "action, scifi" but I like the pup-up list checkbox thing so I dont have to remember all tags nor worry about misspelling.
If I add another one from pop-up list it will overwrite previous selection (like labels do).

Is there a proper way to do this I have missed?
I searched forum a bit but did not see anything.

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Re: extra column - add multiple tags

Post by kodyman » 09 Oct 2019 22:17

I also think at times this would be helpful. If it would cause a performance hit by adding too many secondary tags, possibly limit the number of secondary checkbox tags that can be used. Possibly 10 or 20.

Maybe this should be moved to Wishes.

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