XYplorer PDF Help Version Question

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XYplorer PDF Help Version Question

Postby kodyman » 20 Mar 2012 13:36

Whenever there is a program version update (ie. 10.90.000 to 10.90.0100) I usually also download a new copy of the PDF help and re-name the file to correspond with the current version.
My question is, if it is a "bug fix" update like today without new feature additions, is the PDF help also changed?
Is it possible to add a version number in the PDF Help file name or at least a note on the web page showing which version it is to help confirm we have the latest and greatest?

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Re: XYplorer PDF Help Version Question

Postby PeterH » 20 Mar 2012 14:06

That's correct!

I sometimes download it, check the version inside the file, and then delete as it's the same I already have :(

Edit: and sometimes there was a hint in the beta thread, when there was a new "productive" (sub-)version. I found that quite helpful...

Edit II
Don't know why, but I just downloaded the currend help .pdf
It shows 10.90 - as the one before.
But it has 3027KB, the previous 3011Kb :shock:

Then I thought I'd have a look.
For example there is a new chapter: Advanced Topics/Admin Settings

I think some info about the "current version" of XYplorerHelp.pdf would be helpful,
and the version info on the first page of help should be a bit more specific. Now there are different versions named 10.90.
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