Problems with Setkey [and Getkey() ]

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Re: Problems with Setkey [and Getkey() ]

Postby PeterH » 25 Feb 2012 13:24

admin wrote:Yes, I spare the test for performance reasons. There is no problem at all with that.

It's just so, that if I want to clone some item, and I don't know the exact rules this item will be interpreted with, I try to clone it exactly as it is. Others sometimes seem to act the same way, for example serendipity wrote in the thread "Share your buttons!"
serendipity wrote:...
I copied the code from the "[CustomButtons]" section from my XYplorer.ini file after i created the button and subsequent restart.
Note however that the code in the Xyplorer.ini file will have extra quotes, remove the first and last quote before pasting it.

I think he was struggling with the same outer quotes in section "[CustomButtons]", and not knowing how they will be interpreted he gave hints how to exactly archive the same results as what he cloned.

And for sure: if I will not do that, and if it will not work as expected, and I complain - I will be told that I did not clone exactly. :oops: This is why I don't really like the current solution - though I did understand now, that it doesn't matter (in this case).

By the way talking about "performance reasons": if I'm right that the outer quoting depents from presence of a blanc at the end of the string, we talk about fractions of a microsecond?
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