Comment Disappears

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Comment Disappears

Post by rajtahil »

I am finding comments that I add to a file disappear after I exit Xyplorer.
In the attachment I have included screen shots.

To add a comment I select the file. Click, Tag, Comment. Enter comment and click OK.
The comment is visible in the comments column.

If I switch folders and return to the original folder the comment is still visible against the file.

If I exit Xyplorer and re-open and go back to the same folder the comments is not visible against the file.

Please advise correct procedure to add a comment against a file that is permanent.

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Re: Comment Disappears

Post by nas8e9 »

My guess would be that you don't save settings automatically: in quick testing, exiting without saving settings doesn't save a file's comment.

You could do two things:
1. enabling Tools > Configuration > Startup & Exit > Save settings on exit;
2. alternatively, enable Tools > Configuration > Startup & Exit > Save Settings to disk immediately, and apply this to at least Tags (item 6 in the list box).

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