Go home at program start

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Go home at program start

Post by mikatuomi »

Hello all,

New user, love the software. Probably a super simple question, but I couldn't find where to select so that all my tabs would go to home position when I launch the software?



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Re: Go home at program start

Post by highend »

E.g. by starting XYplorer with a script (adapt the path to XYplorer.exe^^):

"C:\Program Files (x86)\XYplorer\XYplorer.exe" /script="restore tab homes.xys"

Download the attachment and put it into the "Scripts" folder of XY.
Menu - Go - Go to Application Data Folder
Inside it, you'll find the folder named "Scripts"
restore tab homes.xys
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Re: Go home at program start

Post by klownboy »

Just a short side note on highend's nice little script which brings all your tabs home. If you have any tabs in which the home tab has a different Folder View Setting (FVS) than the subfolders and you send the tab home using tab("relocate"), the home tab will be displayed in the FVS of the originating tab (i.e., the destination tab inherits the view of the originating tab). It's not a permanent behavior - the correct view will be displayed on subsequent folder entries.

I questioned that behavior here viewtopic.php?f=2&t=21921 and Don explained that it's because it's a background tab and that's its normal behavior. I modified my own version of a similar script (which in addition to this also closes tabs after a designated tab) such that if the home folder has a different FVS than the originating tab, the script selects the tab and sends it home using #348. If the FVS settings are the same, it uses tab("relocate"). Obviously the tab("relocate") is quicker and more seemless than selecting a tab and sending it home. So you'd only want to do that in these limited situations. And of course as highend's script does, it checks to see if the tab is already home so it's not doing anything if that's the case.

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