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Using Explorer to View Remote Printers

Posted: 12 May 2019 00:26
by indomanna

In Windows version before Windows 10 or 2016, I can open EXPLORER.EXE, put \\remoteworkstationname and on the explorer menu, I will see menu 'View Remote Printer.' I can also type in \\remoteworkstationname\Printers to see the remote printers. This is really coming handy when troubleshooting printer to see if the printer mapped to correct port or IP address. I can also install printer on the workstation remotely using explorer.

I can no longer see that option on Windows 10 or server 2016. I installed XYplorer but I also did not find that feature.

Any suggestion to get that feature? Thanks.

Re: Using Explorer to View Remote Printers

Posted: 18 Aug 2019 17:48
by admin
Hi and thanks for the suggestion. It's not supported at the moment and not immediately planned I'm afraid.