Icons do not refresh

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Icons do not refresh

Post by Benutzer » 22 Apr 2019 06:56

Right click icon.
Select Eigenschaften[Properties].
Select Anpassen[Customise].
Select Anderes Symbol[Change Icon].
Choose an icon [Path is: %SystemRoot%\syswow64\shell32.dll].
Select OK, select Übernehmen[Apply], select OK.

The new icon does not show in the navigation panel.
Doing a refresh does not help.
It does not make any difference whether I change the icon directly in the navigation pane or in one or another file pane. The result is the same: The navigation pane is not responsive with regard to the icon change.

(I am now using a Win7 64b in a virtual machine in vmware workstation; I believe the problem is the same on the host and in win 10.)

Any suggestions?

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Re: Icons do not refresh

Post by jupe » 22 Apr 2019 07:13

Does using this menu item update the list and show the correct icons:

View | Caches | Refresh Icons

If not, it sounds like you are setting the icons using desktop.ini functionality of the OS, personally I use the inbuilt XYPlorer Custom File Icons to change my icons, but maybe disabling this option might help in your situation:

Configuration | General | Refresh, Icons, History | Icons | Cache specific icons

It might require an XY restart. I must say I've noticed in the past many people in the forum have used the same method as you for changing icons and AFAIK not had problems though, without disabling that setting.

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Re: Icons do not refresh

Post by aubrey97 » 22 Apr 2019 20:57

Try this and let us know what happens

Change the default association for .ico files in Windows to another random program

Simple to do -- in Windows file explorer find a .ico file, right click "Open with" check box to always use this file, and open with some other (installed - i.e. non portable) software - anything you like -- maybe microsoft paint.

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