multi-directory search for specific files by author

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multi-directory search for specific files by author

Post by chasster123 » 15 Apr 2019 02:58

I've a lot of data collected in folder structure form. The data was collected over several years - therefore many duplicates.
The search to remove duplicates (i.e. *(?).*) what name attachments is known (i.e. name, name(1), name(2), etc.).
What else is needed is to isolate the most original file based on the Author's name should it be within the file.
This is sort of like trying to establish a chronological order of original files and exclude all duplicates.
Further complicating (might mean two searches) is to Keep modified versions (again no duplicates).
Likely file names remained the same as a small batch of employees passes the original file for review or modification.

Really would appreciate your feedback.

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