Fix for PDF preview when using PDF-Xchange Editor

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Fix for PDF preview when using PDF-Xchange Editor

Post by kodyman » 02 Apr 2019 16:06

I will start out with this worked for me. Hopefully it will for others.
I was able to see PDF previews fine with XYp and WE until a recent PDF-Xchange Editor update. Or it could have have been after a Win 7 update. I did both around the same time. +/- a day or so.
Anyway, I was not able to get preview to work in XYp or WE. I went to the Tracker/PDF-Xchange Editor forum and came across the following post.
After going through the steps, so far all is good again. I didn't do the re-boot but will later if I start to have problems again.

The forum topic title is:
Explorer crashes with enabled preview of PDF-documents ... 62&t=32311

Hope this helps others.

Edit: Added "when" to topic title.

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