Using Patch Internal Images

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Using Patch Internal Images

Post by VeeGee » 22 Mar 2019 14:55

Good morning all,
Really happy to see the new 'Patch Internal Images' tweak added ! Thank you ! The instructions are pretty straight forward and I'd like to try it for the recently replaced icons (Color Filter, etc.). Question is, how do I find the previous icons ? I have an Icons folder in my XY data; however, it is empty. I tried using an icon extractor to "peek" in the EXE and can only see the main icons.

I've used several scripts posted here on the boards for icon copys, etc., but haven't seen anything about where/how to find the actual PNG versions. At a minimum, I'd like to restore the one replaced in v19.80.0111.

Any tips/pointers/files are greatly appreciated !

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Re: Using Patch Internal Images

Post by highend » 22 Mar 2019 15:01

There are no .png versions.

Use a better resource editor and look at:
CUSTOM : 101 : 1033

It contains one image that has all "icons". Export it, and create png files out of it...
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Re: Using Patch Internal Images

Post by VeeGee » 22 Mar 2019 15:52

Thanks highend.

I was able to locate the single file that contains all of the images (using Nirsoft's ResourcesExtract). I used the last official release so I could get all the original icons. I tried using the Slice Tool from Affinity Designer to automate the slicing of the different images within the image.

I didn't get the exact results that I was looking for, is my solution for now :biggrin:
Image-007.png (2 KiB) Viewed 176 times
I'll take another stab at it later. I don't understand all the extra work needed to keep a look that I 1) like and 2) was familiar with. I like options but don't like this type of change w/o an easy option to go back.

Is there a chance that Don can release an official XYIconPack that contains old/new individual icon files ? Maybe update the download of it on every major release ?

I had some time this afternoon, so I went and tried again. I'm sure there are easier/better methods to achieve what I did; however, this is what I ended up doing. The process I did was quick, just took a little time to research some of the command line options, etc.

1. First I used NirSoft's ResourcesExtract on the XY EXE. That gave me XYplorer_101_CUSTOM.bin which I renamed to XYplorer_101_CUSTOM.png.
2. Next I took the PNG into Affinity Photo, setup a 16x16 grid and cropped the image using Snap-To-Grid around the 16x16 icons and exported the cropped copy. I repeated the process for the 24x24 icons. Now I have a 16x16.png and a 24x24.png.
3. Finally I used ImageMagick's CONVERT tool to crop each large file into smaller pieces, e.g. CONVERT 16x16.png -crop 16x16_icon_%d.png.

Doing this I now have individual PNGs for each 16x16 and 24x24 image/icon. For now the names don't match the actual icon; however, I can quickly rename the ones that I want to use while previewing them.

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