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preserving folder dates with "backup to" not working [SOLVED]

Posted: 20 Mar 2019 23:03
by sfwood
XYplorer ver 19.5; Windows 10. I am moving files from a NAS share to a local hard drive, using "backup to.." to try to preserve folder dates (in addition to file dates), but all I can get is today's date on folders copied to the new location (file dates are preserved correctly). Tools \ File Operations \ Backup Operations \ Preserve All Item Dates is checked. Turned off "use custom copy" just in case. Something else I can try, or is this a limitation of backing up from NAS, or...? Thanks

UPDATE: working fine; The folder dates are shown as today's date until the backup is completed. Dealing with large folders and hadn't let any backups complete. (Feel free to delete thread)