Are these customizations possible?

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Are these customizations possible?

Post by ag346 » 23 Feb 2019 03:30

Can a folder be configured to always have a certain type of view? For example, I have a folder where I keep software installers and typically want to see certain columns like rating, file version, product version, comment in a list view with no preview pane.

I have a folder where I keep scanned PDF templates and there I typically want to see different columns in list view and the preview pane enabled.

I also have a clipart folder where I generally want to see large tiles, add tags, ability to sort, and rating sort of like this:
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I would also like to manage the favorites folder in windows that is used by internet explorer for storing internet bookmarks. Here it would be ideal to view tags, number of times a link is launched, and maybe the ability to have certain links opened by a different browser. For example, opened by Internet Explorer, opened by google chrome, etc.

Lastly, it would be great if the download folder could be used in the style of a Getting Things Done inbox where everything gets placed there initially and then after tagging a given file, it is automatically moved to a particular folder.

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Re: Are these customizations possible?

Post by jupe » 23 Feb 2019 03:47

  1. Yes with:
  2. Yes, but would require using and maybe you learning scripting:
  3. Yes, but you'd need to trigger it to move the files (not automatic) and probably would involve scripting again, eg. you could script it to move certain filetypes to certain folders etc.
All features are further fully documented in the help file, you'd need to devote some time to reading up about them.

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