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Searching for Extra Tags

Posted: 21 Feb 2019 02:02
by zmachine01
Wonderful that I was pointed to the fabulous feature of Extra Tags, and that more Extra Tags were added. Thank you! Now about searching for them... Since I don't have regular tags on any of the files on my system because I am managing multiple users and we are sharing a common tag database that is only extra tags that are reflected in columns, searching for these tags is cumbersome since there are no tags to search for in the Info Panel and there is no other gui option. I know how to search via single command like "?Material: "Aluminum" but hey, you know what?, some of us can barely operate a mouse. I looked into scripting but didn't find a lot on searching for tags. Are Extra tags just not considered tags or am I totally missing something here?

Re: Searching for Extra Tags

Posted: 21 Feb 2019 02:44
by jupe
Depending on your requirements scripting is probably your best bet for searching, below is a very quick example that will popup an input box to request a search term, then search the first 5 extra columns for that term (and the comment column because maybe you want to include that?), you would need to customize it if you use more than 5 Extra columns (it doesn't matter if you use less):

$q = "*" . input() . "*"; goto "*?:ex1:$q OR ex2:$q OR ex3:$q OR ex4:$q OR ex5:$q OR cmt:$q /t";

You could add this to a custom toolbar button or shortcut key, also you could probably script up something much better if you want something more suitable than this quick example, or maybe you want to have a different button for each column IDK, or maybe you want to ask for a filename at the same time too? (otherwise you could live filter the list after the above search)

Also alternatively you can use the catalog for entering your searches, eg. maybe you'd like to have a different item for each material that when you press it searches for all items that have that material.

Here is a quick example of what one CAS category could look like (you could add other categories for Machine, Customer etc):