HoverBox displays on thumbnails when in Gallery mode

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HoverBox displays on thumbnails when in Gallery mode

Post by klownboy » 31 Jan 2019 19:44

I noticed a while back and I'm just getting around to asking about it, that when in a thumbnail gallery wall mode (i.e., no caption and no padding) the hover box displays when hovering the thumbnail as oppose to a regular thumbnail mode with a caption, the where hover box does not display unless you are over the actual filename. I can see why that is the case, but the hover box can be annoying popping up all the time when in a gallery mode. Did I miss a tweak possibly to avoid this behavior? If not, Don, could we get change via a tweak possibly that would eliminate the hover box when in a thumbnail view with no caption. I like hover box in all views including thumbnail views (with a caption when hovering the filename) so I really don't want to disable it. When in a thumbnail view, if I want to see a bigger picture I'll use MDBU and would rather not see the hover box popping up everywhere I move the mouse. Thanks.

Edit 1: In giving it some more thought, it would be fine with me when in any thumbnail view (caption or not), the hover box is always disabled even if hovering a filename. I'm going to use MDBU anyway. Edit 2: That was a silly thought since I'm sure there are some that would want a hover box over the filename in thumbnail view. So it would be great if we could have an option not to display a hover box if you have these 2 conditions, thumbnail view and no caption is ticked.

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Re: HoverBox displays on thumbnails when in Gallery mode

Post by admin » 10 Feb 2019 16:37

I see your point but I hesitate to add another checkbox or even tweak just for this. There must be some cooler solution. Let's give it some time...
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