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Questions About Boxed Branches and Mini Tree List Management

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 09:08
by kbleft
I've been using XYplorer for a couple of months, and I'm curious about what these features do and how they are used, but I haven't found a detailed explanation in the help file or FAQ. I would appreciate a quick explanation or advice about:

1) Favorites > Toggle Boxed Branch - what is a boxed branch and what is it used for?

When I select this menu item, the status bar indicates "box set: [foldername]", but I'm not sure what that means, and I don't know how it affects the tree or lister.

2) Tools > List Management > Mini Tree... - I'm confused about how this feature is supposed to work. I would like to add a folder like Program Files or my cloud drive to the "first level" of the Mini Tree for quick access, so I don't have to navigate through the <C:\> drive or my user directory to get there.

When I open the Mini Tree list, it shows all of the "quick access" locations in my Mini Tree (i.e., locations displayed in the first level under "This PC" including Links, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, and all of my drives). When I add a folder to this list, XYplorer immediately navigates to the listed folder under the appropriate "quick access" location in the Mini Tree (e.g., as a subfolder of my <C:\> drive, or a subfolder under Documents, or a subfolder of my user directory). The folder I entered never appears on the first level as a quick access location, and the folder disappears from the list when I navigate away to another drive or quick access folder. How do I add a folder to this first level of the Mini Tree so that it is permanently displayed for quick access?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Re: Questions About Boxed Branches and Mini Tree List Management

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 10:16
by jupe
1) Boxed branch is just used to highlight an area so that it makes it easier to find in the tree, a branch in this context means a folder and all its sub folders have the boxed branch as the background to make it more noticeable what location you are in. If you use the command Toggle Boxed Branch you should notice the background of your current location and its children turn grey (the color is customizable through config) if you look closely.

2) To use Mini Tree efficiently you should be right clicking the green mini tree button on the toolbar instead of using List Management | Mini Tree, to add a location you can right click the +/- of a folder node in the tree and select it, but it seems to me that you are expecting it to add all the folders in the 1st level which mini tree doesn't do, it keeps the hierarchy but removes unwanted items, if you want everything available in the 1st level I would suggest trying out the catalog, with it you can just drag a location to it then it will always be visible in the 1st level for quick access, here is an old screen shot from the website showing something similar to what I mean.


For more information on Mini Tree though:

Or on Catalog:

Or on any other features you may want more information on:

Re: Questions About Boxed Branches and Mini Tree List Management

Posted: 10 Feb 2018 05:36
by kbleft
Thank you, jupe! That was the explanation I needed. I don't have a use for boxed branch, yet, but I'm using the catalog now to keep all of my favorite locations within easy reach.

Thanks, again.