XYPlorer tags aren't being updated after editing tag.dat

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XYPlorer tags aren't being updated after editing tag.dat

Post by cadu » 02 May 2016 21:55


I changed a folder path from C:\#Dados_Software to C:\_Dados_Software (# was replaced by _).

After that I realized the tags weren't working. I opened in a text editor the XYplorer file tag.dat, which presented the tags' path with a question mark (sample below):
?:\#Dados_Software\ZZ_System Reserved\Portable\System\Drive Letter Changer|0|#model||||||
?:\#Dados_Software\ZZ_System Reserved\Portable\System\FastKeys|0|#reference||||||
?:\#Dados_Software\ZZ_System Reserved\Portable\System\FastKeys\#Portable\FastKeys.chm|0|f_help||||||

I edited the file tag.dat, replacing ?:\#Dados_Software by C:\_Dados_Software

However, when I open XYplorer and search for the tags, the search is empty. Then I open tag.dat and realized that, although the folder name was kept after the editing (_Dados_Software), the question mark has returned automatically:
?:\_Dados_Software\ZZ_System Reserved\Portable\System\Drive Letter Changer|0|#model||||||

I edited several times the tag.dat, but always the question mark is reappearing.

What could be going wrong? What to do to edit tag.dat in order it keeps the changes and I can access my tagged files/folders?


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Re: XYPlorer tags aren't being updated after editing tag.dat

Post by highend » 02 May 2016 22:06

You have portable tags active, that's why the question mark reappears.

And for the rest: help file^^
In case you edit tag.dat manually...

Sort Order. The tagged item lines must be in binary ascending sort order (A < B ... < a < b ...). If you manually edit tag.dat and are unsure about the correctness of the sort order, you can have the data sorted by using "Options | Database Check..." in Configuration | Tags.

Capitalization matters. You must care for the right capitalization of the file names. Reason: For better performance, the comparisons are done by byte, not by character.
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Re: XYPlorer tags aren't being updated after editing tag.dat

Post by Enternal » 03 May 2016 03:40

If you edited the tag.dat file while XYplorer is open, make sure you go to Favorites > Reload Tags Database in the menus. XYplorer does not know you have edited the file and therefore you will need to have XYplorer reload the database.

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