Project XYplorer on Linux: 15/03 New Video!

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Re: Project XYplorer on Linux: 15/03 New Video!

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Actually, a helper script will be required anyways to translate windows path to linux path. I think if the helper script is an XYS script, I can save myself from passing <selitems> in each call and use the variable directly in the script. This may be a better approach.

Edit: I think xyplorer script can't get arguments. So the helper script is best placed outside of XY

Edit2: Found a way. Create a way called Main.xys with below contents

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function Opener($app)
	$items = replace(replace("<selitems>", "Z:", ""),"\","/");
	run "$app $items";
Next, changed the PFA to

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|"Mover|<xy>" *;\>::load "Main"; Opener("/usr/bin/python /data/code/projects/filer/");
So, each new PFA will have to change the param to opener.

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Re: Project XYplorer on Linux: 15/03 New Video!

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I am posting here because this appears to be the main linux thread.

I am continuing to find XYPlorer valuable in Linux, even though not all of its features are working.

Has anyone who also uses Linux had any success with getting the preview panel to work decently? It works well enough for graphics (png,jpg, etc.) but not at all for PDF, DOC/DOCX, XLS, or any kind of multimedia.

If anyone has had any success with that and has any tips please let me know. I am using XYPLORER in crossover using a Windows7 bottle, but I am willing to try Crossover or Wine in any configuration if anyone has had any success.


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