Mouse Capture: Global, Taekwindow

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Re: Mouse Capture: Global, Taekwindow

Postby FeatureCreep » 06 Feb 2012 19:16

I'm always concerned with regards to adding new, low-level, tools to my system to solve some problem of another application, and the potential of there being conflicts...

Agreed, especially when feature sets overlap and lots of hooks are involved. I try and keep a minimum of background apps running. But I keep copies of lots of others. If its free and portable its not doing any harm sitting in a folder.

Case in point, don't try Pitaschio if you're running Win7 or 64 bit. This worked fine in XP (I hadn't used it since), but froze my system when I fired it up to check its auto-scrolling. :evil: It's in the bin now.

I use AltDrag with all my windows. I haven't encountered any problems with any specific app. Inactive windows can be scrolled and so can panes within them (e.g. the tree and list in WE). XY already has that feature built in (and I just noticed so does Firefox).

The best use for AltDrag is resizing a window by dragging anywhere near an edge (I have window borders set to minimum). Another app -NiftyWindows- does the same but with a right-click only (no Alt or other modifier key). Which is great but interferes with right dragging of items in XYplorer (and any other FM), which is where I wanted to use this feature the most. I'm constantly doing that with XY to reveal something behind (other apps, the desktop) to drag items in and out.

NiftyWindows is written in AutoHotkey so I may go back to it and try modifying the code (i.e. add a modifier key), as its other features are very good.

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Re: Mouse Capture: Global, Taekwindow

Postby Zardoz2293 » 12 Feb 2012 19:50

AltDrag: I don't get it, what exactly does this app do for you? It seems to have as many holes in it as colander.
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