Crash when previewing a certain font

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Crash when previewing a certain font

Post by tsehov » 16 Jul 2004 01:38

Everytime I try to preview font 'dos737.fon' there will be a crash of the TrackerV3. I am using Windows XP Home Edition and I have tried a couple versions of the TV3 standard (the latest official version and now the latest beta 3.50.0098). Still the same.

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Post by Gandolf » 16 Jul 2004 09:44

It's the same for 8514oemg, 8514oemt and the wst_ range of fonts (runtime error 380). Version 3.50.0100 is the latest version that I'm using.


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Post by admin » 17 Jul 2004 12:12

Yep, i fixed that.

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