Pending operations error when exiting

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Pending operations error when exiting

Post by JoeMarfice » 21 Jun 2020 16:11

I've been moving A LOT of files lately to and from my NAS, both large (GBs) and many-small (10,000+). I am finding that some operations hang - that is, after the current move is done, a background copy/move dialog claims to be starting, but never does.

When I exit XYplorer, it first warns me there are operations pending (OK), and if I continue I get a popup error message that is (IIRC):
Report error 91: unhandled object/variable
... or something like that. I'll update if I can replicate the error, but I didn't think to make a bug report until I'd seen and dismissed it twice.

I have Enable background operations ON, and Queue operations OFF. The progress dialog box is ON, modeless, and set to disappear a few seconds after completion.

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Re: Pending operations error when exiting

Post by admin » 22 Jun 2020 10:56

Can you see whether that error is from XYplorer.exe or from XYcopy.exe?
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