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Search Results - Properties gets bogus path

Posted: 01 Jun 2020 20:43
by Malarki
Folder xxx has subfolders 1 and 2. Subfolder 1 has file 1.txt. Subfolder 2 has file 2.txt:


In folder xxx I use Ctl-F "Find Files" to locate the two .txt files. These appear as expected in a Search Results window.

In that window I select both of them, right-click and choose "Properties", and attempt to make them Read Only. This throws an error because XY looks for the non-existent path xxx\2\1.txt. See the attached screen shot.

I have the tweak "AllowMultiLocShellMenu=1" so the right-click menu will show Properties, but don't think that's relevant to the bad result. This is on XY v20.90.0500 on Win10 x64. The Properties are properly settable in Windows Explorer.

I found this thread which may be the same root issue but it's for Branch View and is complicated by third-party apps:

Re: Search Results - Properties gets bogus path

Posted: 24 Jun 2020 08:31
by admin
Yes, that's an old issue. The shell context menu cannot handle items from different locations at once very well. I know that Explorer can do it, and also some other file managers. One day I will find out how. :| :cup: