ctrl+v not working for 20.90.0400

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ctrl+v not working for 20.90.0400

Post by cmcquil »

I'm a "lifetime pro" user. Recently the ctrl+v command has stopped copying files from my desktop to XYplorer. Drag and drop works but not ctrl+v.

Keyboard shortcut still has the proper assignment of ctrl+v = paste

Paste special - paste (copy) does not work

Paste special - paste (move) does work

copy of a file on the desktop and then ctrl+v to the desktop works

Does this feel like a Win10 issue or XYplorer?

By the way as far as I can tell there is no way to do a seatch fro "ctrl+v" in the forum "advanced search" options, even with using wildcards.

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Re: ctrl+v not working for 20.90.0400

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Works fine here (Win8.1). Can you see the file in the tooltip when you hover the Edit Clipboard button in the XYplorer toolbar?
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