Windows 10 taskbar jump list not working

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Windows 10 taskbar jump list not working

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I'm using v20.90 on Windows 10 64 bit, set as a default file manager. I have several document editing applications pinned on the Windows taskbar, such as MS Word, to use the jump list which shows recently opened files (by each application) when right-clicking the pinned icon.
When files are opened through the XYplorer, they are not listed in this jump list of Windows taskbar. I tested files for MS Word (docx), Excel (xlsx), PowerPoint (pptx), Notepad++ (txt, etc.) and PDF reader (pdf), but none of them are listed. They could be listed when 1) being opened through Windows file explorer or 2) being opened through the application pinned on taskbar. Though it's hard to say this is a bug of XYplorer, I just want to report the issue.

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Re: Windows 10 taskbar jump list not working

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This is one of those things that will just work after the transformation to 64-bit.
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