Program hangs when viewing PDF files

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Program hangs when viewing PDF files

Post by SL09 » 14 Apr 2019 19:18

(Too) often I accidentally click on a PDF file while in viewing mode ("Vorschau"). The program then attempts to read and display the file. Even if the file is not too complex, the program hangs and a dialog box is shown "XY Plorer funktioniert nicht mehr richtig - schliessen ?". Unfortunately, there is no reaction on pressing [Esc] at any time. This limits the usability of this otherwise fantastic utility.

The program shopuld be more cautious in displaying PDF files and should keep reacting to [Esc]. A possibility to exclude them from viewing would also be fine. :naughty:

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Re: Program hangs when viewing PDF files

Post by highend » 14 Apr 2019 19:22

And which preview handler is used?

Apart from that, excluding files from being previewed is already possible.
Remove the checkmark for .pdf in Configuration | Preview | Previewed Formats
for the Office Files category...
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