Unable to CTRL+X, CTRL+C LV File...Sometimes.

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Unable to CTRL+X, CTRL+C LV File...Sometimes.

Post by Zardoz2293 » 30 Jan 2019 17:55

Sometimes when an external application is executed from within XY AND files and/or folders are added or removed, such as, using WinRAR, upon finishing (WinRAR), XY has 'lost' something that prevents CTRL+X or CTRL+C on a file in the folder. In the example below you can select and de-select the file but CTRL+X or CTRL+C will not work and you get the message "Catalog, Tree, or List must have input focus." However, as you can see the file is in fact selected. The workaround is to go up one level in the folder structure and then return, which results in everything works as expected, until next time. [Note: when the problem exists on the selected file the CTRL+X operation will never 'shade' the file icon, and when it will work the file icon becomes 'shaded'.]

The procedure to reproduce (sometimes works and sometimes doesn't):
Create WinRAR archive (right click a range of files/folders) into .rar in a single folder AND have those files DELETED from the WinRAR archive process. XY will display the temporary (hidden .rar temp file), the final .rar and eventually delete the files which were archived into the .rar. Then select the .rar and perform CTRL+X or CTRL+C and "Catalog, Tree, or List must have input focus." dialog displayed OR in the status bar "... outside scope" in blue is displayed.

I'd provide a screen shot of the "... outside scope" status bar message but it is the first time I've seen that message and as of this posting I am now unable to reproduce, well, until the next time.

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