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[False alarm, not a bug] Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 18 Jan 2019 17:18
by Zardoz2293
Deleting a backup under the C:\Windows, such as "C:\Windows\X.BACKUP" results in DELETING "C:\Windows\*.*" under XYCopy. Tested it a dozen times and the LV always has the child folder selected under "C:\Windows" but always deletes the parent folder. :naughty:

XY 19.50.0208

Re: Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 18 Jan 2019 17:43
by admin
X.BACKUP? Is that a file?

Re: Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 18 Jan 2019 19:18
by Zardoz2293
357.png (54.05 KiB) Viewed 776 times

Re: Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 18 Jan 2019 21:09
by tedy
I cannot reproduce.
Any chance this .BACKUP folder has those 442 folders and 15374 items total?
Why do you imply XY tries to delete all files within C:\Windows ? Those are items within SoftwareDistribution.BACKUP.

I even tried this in a VM, it would have been a critical/catastrophical bug if it was true.

Re: Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 18 Jan 2019 21:29
by admin
One can see by the screenshot that several folders are selected. In that case the prompt shows the common parent folder as location: C:\Windows.

So everybody can relax: False alarm.

Re: Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 15:17
by Zardoz2293
SchCache, ServiceProfi..., and ServiceState... are all EMPTY

SoftwareDistribution is the only selected folder with XY row select.

Further, I was required to restore my entire system as critical system files were previously deleted from C:\Windows before I caught the problem. This occurs with XY 19.40.0177 (XYcopy = 2.10.0132) and did not and does not occur with WE.

Below in the screenshots I selected "D:\017c0239a38d86dfff0c" FOLDER as is correctly displayed in the XY Background Jobs, but is incorrectly displayed in XY's confirm dialog as only "D:\" WE displays correctly as "D:\017c0239a38d86dfff0c". NOTE: XY Background Jobs claims "(Canceled or Failed)". This is NOT true, I stopped it as I made the mistake that did not initially read what the dialog said "D:\" and pressed enter, and it started reading deleting the entire volume. I now have absolutely no idea what files and folders were deleted on that volume. XY is set for "Delete to recycle bin" and it did not. "Log actions and enable undo/redo" = cannot undo. No there is no virus on this system (known and unknown). However, I did read a report in the past couple of days where W10 update (caused mystery deleting files with some software). I have Windows Pro (64-bit) 10.1803.17134.523 Again, WE works as expected.

Clarification: Yes, I did cancel the operation once I was prompted to delete "more" and then as it was unexpected noticed the "D:\"

350.png (19.55 KiB) Viewed 731 times
351.png (11.56 KiB) Viewed 731 times

Re: Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 15:46
by admin
Relax, you misunderstand the meaning of "Location". I use the term "Location" just as it is also used in Windows Explorer ever since: it is WHERE the object is located, it is NOT THE object itself.

Re: Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 16:16
by Zardoz2293
I guess I'm missing it, as I don't see that as being consistent with WE. I'm guessing that 99.99% of the time I never review the initial delete dialog as I visually verify via "seeing" the selected folder or file, and if it is a set of files or folders the visual 'verification' is the same thing as a list set to delete is not presented for verification (not suggesting that it should). This is never an issue until the unexpected and then, which is very rare, and then it is a quick undo. The only time I really look at the dialog is when another dialog appears then something is wrong, 99.99% of the time the file is too big for the recycle bin and then I make sure the action is valid, if not then we have this kind of event.

XY (same action, delete as in WE below)
353.png (17.63 KiB) Viewed 721 times
WE (the operation is a delete not a move as it claims)
352.png (21.71 KiB) Viewed 721 times

Re: [False alarm, not a bug] Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 16:29
by admin
The delete prompt you are seeing is special safety prompt in XYplorer that you have actively enabled here:
Configuration | General | Menus, Mouse, Safety | Safety Belts | Confirm delete operations
It is not enabled by default.

If it confuses you simply turn it off again. In that case I highly recommend that you ensure turn this OFF:
Configuration | File Operations | File Operations | Miscellaneous | Suppress delete confirmation dialog

Then you should see just the Windows delete confirmation before any deletion happens.

Re: [False alarm, not a bug] Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 18:27
by Zardoz2293
1. I guess your are right. It's a false alarm to having to perform a full system restore from unexpected files being deleted using XY. Performing the identical action did not have the same effect in WE (which performed as expected) for me. Keep in mind, I'm not claiming this problem is easy to reproduce. I've never had this concern before. As far as I know this appeared on the most current W10 update for 1809 which was distributed to my system. I haven't been required to perform an emergency system restore in nearly a decade. I'm guessing it is directly related to W10 1809 AND whatever configuration settings I have for file operations which differ than WE in someway.

2. The Backup Log did not record each file that was deleted as after deleting some 32 GB of data (some 15,000+ files/folders), performing a cancel should not result in not having a detailed delete log of what did occur before the cancel or fail event. Further, was unable to perform an undo.

3. Don, I'm not confused about the XY delete action dialog. XY and WE display different things. Since XY isn't fully integrated into WIN environment one has no choice but to use WE when it forced upon. I perhaps wouldn't be making a deal out of it if the deleting and inability to undo happened. When I saw the odd behavior, I originally thought I made a mistake, until I verified a dozen times and the identical behavior occurred. There is absolutely no ID-10-T error on my end, this happen (#1 above). Now when I look at XY I understand the "Location" as that is where the file object exists. It would be helpful if it also had the "object" to be deleted as well, as it would be difficult to misinterpret the exact action. This of course doesn't address #1 an #2 above.

Turned off as recommended.

Re: [False alarm, not a bug] Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 21:59
by tedy
Zardoz2293, please post the state of those settings as they were when you encountered the problem.
Then how would we reproduce the problem?
I don't seem to be "eligible" yet for Windows 10 to receive the 1809 update but I have a test Server 2019 which is by default 1809 with latest updates and I could test, I guess it would be the same as it is based on the same code base as Win10 that matches the same version number.
If there is something dangerous, I would like to know in advance.

In your shots I don't see anything suspicious, it asks you to delete the selected folder whose location is in C:\Windows, so far so good.

Re: [False alarm, not a bug] Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 21 Jan 2019 19:47
by Filehero
Don't know ether it fits here, but anyway

Code: Select all

v19.50.0235 - 2019-01-21 16:49
    + Tree: Added some extra protection-from-delete for critical system items. 
      PS: Maybe a cooler alternative to this approach would be to optionally 
      disallow the DEL key in the tree. Let me know what you think...    
I would go the opt-in route (and put at a prominent place in the manual).


Re: [False alarm, not a bug] Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 21 Jan 2019 20:09
by admin
You mean for the "No DEL key in tree"? I'll think about it. You know, "prominent place in the manual" is an illusion. Manuals are mostly ignored. Especially by those that press DEL while they are sitting on the Windows folder. :)

Re: [False alarm, not a bug] Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 21 Jan 2019 20:15
by Filehero
admin wrote:
21 Jan 2019 20:09
You mean for the "No DEL key in tree"?

The reference to the manual is because of my anticipation of gazillions of "Why can't I .....".

Re: [False alarm, not a bug] Delete C:\Windows Folder !!!!!!

Posted: 21 Jan 2019 21:40
by klownboy
As mentioned in your beta notes, I'm all for an option like "no delete in tree" also. I've stopped allowing dragging within the tree and this would be the next smart thing to do. Accidental dragging scared me after having done it a few times.