'show Favorite Folders' hangs (wakes disks?)

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'show Favorite Folders' hangs (wakes disks?)

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This is a minor nuisance, but my only persisting issue after 16? years of using XY daily.

I love the "right-click the tree background to open Favorite Folders list".
The issue is that this hangs for 10 seconds the first time I use it.

Since this ONLY happens on my main PC, which has two archive disks (no spinning rust in my other machines),
my guess is that XY wakes the disks and waits for them to respond.
Which would be pointless, since all favorite folders are on my C: SSD.

The list of favorites is a tiny piece of data in the XY config; there should be no delay in showing it.

If it helps, I could analyze this to determine if it is really the disks spinning up (looks like it, but slow to debug, 20 minutes sleep time...)

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Re: 'show Favorite Folders' hangs (wakes disks?)

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Well, if your Favorites are all on C: then no other disks should be touched. So yes, it would help if you could verify/falsify the wake up theory.
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