Multilingual Support - Topic Introduction

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Multilingual Support - Topic Introduction

Post by admin » 17 Oct 2012 22:11

Multilingual Support will be a longer, well probably never-ending, process. This is the place to bundle the accompanying talk. (It is not the place to post a usage question in Bambara.)

The Plan
The plan is to support all languages known to man, or at least all languages for which a translator is willing to do the translation work. The Multilingual Support Engine is designed in a way, that 100% correct grammar is generated for whatever language is filled in. It is also designed in a way that the work for the translators is as easy and transparent as possible, and the translations are equally easily controllable by the users. Everything is open source, human-readable and user-friendly, packed in a simple unicode text format, one file per language, easily editable in every text editor. And, of course, like everything in XYplorer, it is designed for ultimate speed and minimal resource needs. You will be able to switch languages on the fly without even restarting the application. And you will be able to control the up-to-dateness of a translation at any point and get a complete list of all items that need to be revisited.

I'm grateful for everybody who takes his/her time to translate XYplorer, but I'm not able to pay anything for this job. All I can offer in return is a free lifetime license, and a mention of the translator's name in the app's About window and on the website.
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