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Re: Clipboard Manager

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I use Spartan from M8 software. I have had very few problems with it. Good tutorials on how to use it's features. £19.99 ($26.81 today). I am surprised it hasn't been mentioned here.

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Re: Clipboard Manager

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Clipboard Help and Spell from Donationcoder has been my clipboard manager of choice for some years. I used to use ArsClip but something -- I no longer remember what -- caused me to abandon it.

The nice thing about CHS is you can sort, categorise, make groups of things (I have a list of email addresses I use, for instance) and you can pretty much define what hotkeys do what. It can also do handy things like case inversions and email rewrapping. And it's donationware and consequently fits your budget. :)

I have it set so that ctrl-alt-f pops up my favourites -- which includes recent clipboard history, old clipboard history and my various groups of frequently-needed boilerplate text -- and ctrl-alt-z brings up the full window with everything in it. And you can change pretty much everything about it. I can't live without it... ;)
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