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Post by aliteralmind » 07 Mar 2015 21:45

binocular222 wrote:Yeah, 6 releases in February is promising. Definitely worth the huge amount of time I devote to write the 'almost' complete ST3 manual.
@aliteralmind: Sorry, but most ST3' weakness in your Worpress post are not correct, that's normal due to lack of documentation. exampe:
- Macro are editable (*.sublime-macro)
- bracket highlighting is enabled via setting: "match_brackets": true,
- ST3 fully support Unicode
- ST3's menu and Command Pattlete are fully editable (*.sublime-menu and *.sublime-command)
- workspace-specific configuration: Edit via *.sublime-project and *.sublime-workspace
- inline spell checking: View > Spell check
Those are the weaknesses of TextPad. They're the reasons I moved to Sublime.
SammaySarkar wrote:Looks like ST3 developement is active after months of silence http://www.sublimetext.com/3dev
Thank goodness. Surprised to hear about this first in an XY forum...
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