Best alt+tab replacement

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Best alt+tab replacement

Post by carter »

It's alt tab terminator,the dev is constantly developing it,using it for more than 3 years without any problems.

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Re: Best alt+tab replacement

Post by WirlyWirly »

Okay, wow thanks for sharing! I use alt-tab EVERY time I want to switch focus to another window. It's a simple task, but if it can be built upon then im all for it. Like xyplorer, this seems like a game changer :oops:

I didn't realize how much I rely on the preview image when switching windows (I thought I went by icon). Only seeing 1 preview image at a time is much slower for me than seeing all of them at once. There's also a tiny delay when initiating, during which the program blinks. I'm sure I'd get use to it but right now it's making me double-take. Good effort though, might come back to it if they create a way to show all previews at once :tup:

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Re: Best alt+tab replacement

Post by MBaas »

Again, thanks for sharing. Looks quite useful - I especially like how everything can be kbd-driven ;)
Happy user ;-)

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Re: Best alt+tab replacement

Post by lian00 »

I tried the soft and I have the same problem as @MBaas : I prefer to see all thumbnails in one view.
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