PHPbb and searching XYplorer Beta Club

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PHPbb and searching XYplorer Beta Club

Post by Royksopp »

I'm going to make the investment.

What investment?

(1) Learn XYplorer well. You guys keep working on it. It should really help in my workflows. I do have a lifetime license.

To that end, there are 675 commands. I'm a smart guy, I should be able to figure out half of them. But to learn the others, I should be in a position to do to.

So I came to the form for some quality self-directed help.

I tried to search the form for the exact string "command id" and constantly comes back with 9246 matches. I put them in single quotes, double quotes, braces, +in +front +of +each +word, braces, brackets, parentheses, etc.

I spent 20 minutes searching the phpBB site and seeing them (spokesholes and potential customers) argue about the semantics of what an "exact search" is . :roll:

I would love to have someone show me what I did wrong and could be proven an idiot. Can I search for "command id"? I'll start with the help file. It looks better than most help files.

I wanted to put the menu command "List All Commands..." (705) into a "User Button #1".

Sorry for the rant. My frustration spiked trying to shave bandwidth for XY (1) only to have PHPbb steal that away.

Thank! :)

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Re: PHPbb and searching XYplorer Beta Club

Post by highend »

I gave up on forum searches (by directly trying to do it with the forum software itself) long ago. In practically every forum^^

What you should do is this:
In other words, use the first part and your search words after the _q=

Launchers (e.g. Find and run robot or in my case Keypirinha) make this stuff a whole lot easier because I only type xy, hit <TAB> and enter my search terms.
The rest (combining them, escaping, etc.) does the launcher...
I wanted to put the menu command "List All Commands..." (705) into a "User Button #1".
Yeah, that's all. It's a command id^^
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