"Game of Life" by John H. Conway

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"Game of Life" by John H. Conway

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Just heard that John Conway died of COVID-19. His "Game of Life" means a lot to me. I played this so intensely for a long time that it feels like it's woven into the fabric of my brain. I'm a GoL junkie. It's very likely that I'd never started programming without GoL, i.e. without John Conway.

I'm deeply grateful to this man,
- Don

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Re: "Game of Life" by John H. Conway

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Sad to hear this!

I remember Game of Life very well - and used a lot of CPU power for this.
At a time where CPU power was not really cheap!
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Re: "Game of Life" by John H. Conway

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For the GoL-Fans, here's some food for thought - a nice & challenging implementation ;)
Happy user ;-)

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Re: "Game of Life" by John H. Conway

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Ah! John Conway, and number theory. That brings back memories of happy days at University. I loved pure mathematics, and still do. There is something fascinating about numbers, particularly prime numbers.
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