Best mouse

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Best mouse

Post by hari3 »

The logitech m187,mini mouse is the best of all the mouses i have used until now,It's size is very small of all of the logitech mouses available and I have used more than 6 kinds of mouse including,logitech and microsoft.
Pain is there using it,but it's the least of all the mouses i have used and takes 1 or 2 minutes to get adjusted to it's size.

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Re: Best mouse

Post by underwood »

I've used logitech gear for decades but the build quality gets worst and the drivers are eaven worst. My first optical mouse was the first optical mouse on the marked from microsoft. After that I used logitech mice.

Three years ago I changed to a Roccat mouse and love it. Small drivers that work. Easy marco management that works.

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Re: Best mouse

Post by prino »

Logitech M310 (x2), but after a decade/eight years they're getting iffy. :(
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Re: Best mouse

Post by MBaas »

Today is actually my first day with a vertical mouse. I'm not sure I like it - will have to use it for a few more days...(I decided against Logitechs expensive model and picked one from CSL for about 20% of the price.)
Happy user ;-)

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Re: Best mouse

Post by mikes16 »

I’ve switched to the Logitech roller ball for non-gaming. It’s easy on my wrist and so far for office stuff there are no limitations. I wouldn’t try playing a video game with it though.

I do recommend it though - give it a try! ... ball-mouse

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Re: Best mouse

Post by Xianders »

i use HyperX Pulsefire Dart wireless

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Re: Best mouse

Post by Magnetto »

Xianders wrote: 30 Jul 2020 12:59 i use HyperX Pulsefire Dart wireless
I think it was better to buy Logitech g403

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