Anybody have expeience modifing Chrome code?

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Anybody have expeience modifing Chrome code?

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i know that there are a lot of smart people on this forum, plus many of them have good knowledge in programming, so i hope smb can give me a tip.

my target is to edit Chrome-alike browser tabs stance visuals. what all Chromium-based browsers share is stances of tabs: current, background, just-opened-from-link(not yet viewed), not-loaded(from last session), "hibernated"(dumped for memory save). among all those only one you can distinct is Current, plus there are no any extensions to do anything in this sphere.
from time to time some browsers show little efforts that make me think smt is possible, but.. they are lazy?! Vivaldi provides red-mark for "just-opened-from-link(not yet viewed)"; Cent Browser marks "not-loaded" and "hibernated" with italic font.
i tried to look in resources.pak in browser folder, but didn't find anything concerning tabs visuals..

so again = did anybody try to make edits about visuals of tabs stances?(bkgr color, font style, font color)

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