Backup Software? For lazy ..

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Backup Software? For lazy ..

Post by Dean36 »

I work almost daily with viruses of all kinds and still I'm too lazy to create regular backups of my hard drive! :roll:
Will me but now compel and therefore a tool which:
- Not as powerful as Paragon etc
- It can create Cotainer
- Old backups updated with new files ??

What do you use for your hard disk backups to software?

Ich Arbeite fast täglich mit Viren aller Art und trotzdem bin ich zu Faul regelmäßig Backups meiner Festplatte zu erstellen! :roll:
Will mich dazu aber nun zwingen und suche daher ein Tool welches:
- Nicht so mächtig ist wie Paragon etc
- Es Cotainer erstellen kann
- Alte Backups mit neuen Dateien aktualisiert??

Was nutzt Ihr für eure Festplatten Backups an Software?

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Re: Backup Software? For lazy ..

Post by Borut »

In case of personal use and file level backups (i.e. *no* creation of .img files and partition/system recovery) I am inclined to suggest Zbac. Extreme scripting possibilities, Unicode support, full portability. See here:

I am sure it could even be used via XY scripts in a variety of ways.

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Re: Backup Software? For lazy ..

Post by Setherial »

I backup my O.S. partition to an external flash drive once a month. I keep my personal files and data in another hard disk.

I use AOMEI Backupper Pro. You may try the free version first. It's a very solid backup utility. I've been using it since Windows 8 came out. AOMEI allowed my to easily copy my entire C: to another PC without the need to reinstall anything. I just had to reinstall the drivers of my new hardware which was mostly done by Windows Update. In fact it took me 15 mins to copy that cloned partition of my O.S. to the new HDD :D

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