My Favorite Audio Tools - Feel Free to Add Yours

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My Favorite Audio Tools - Feel Free to Add Yours

Post by Dustydog » 21 Mar 2017 07:42

I find these the most useful. Using cuetools to repair a damaged CD or .flac file from its database is a lovely thing indeed. And .flac - wouldn't do without the format. Can convert it to any compressed format and level of compression you want when you want it - or get very clean sound which you can identify or not depending on what it is, how close you listen, and how active your imagination is. dbPoweramp is very convenient for transcodes and is the only paid program here - it's a nice package. There's nothing very surprising on this list, unless there is, in which case check them out. SOX works beautifully from the command line - can even give you a spectrogram.png.

Great command-line transcoding:

Or, for a paid GUI program that's very good for transcodes, and other things. Gives good addition to context menu:

Player, with additional utility:

And possibly: <- This gives very nice information about pretty much everything and plays nicely with a right-click in XY if you want even more media info than is already available natively.

See highend's great script using it externally here from the command line:

Or, as something of an adjunct or alternative to the above (there's also a handy GUI third-party version if you want it). Can write to some formats:

And, for use in XY, which you may find convenient as a right-click audio tag tool, free and reliable:

This works extremely well if needed for repairing an .mp3 file from various things: ... l-frontend

A decent audio integrity tester, works on multiple formats:

An alternative to foobar that I like as a player. Very easy ad hoc playlists. Just a nice app:

Excellent free specialized taggers: <- MUCH more than just MP3. Powerful. <- A good alternative to the above.
I also rather liked: ... e/download

Some may like Mediamonkey. I used to use it back when. Cataloging is probably its strongest point, if you want that. Does much else.

As usual, :)

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