Open XY From Everything's Context Menu: Simples

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Open XY From Everything's Context Menu: Simples

Post by Dustydog » 15 Feb 2017 00:39

[Edit: Well, I don't know what I typed in the first place. Everything forum had an old thread that didn't help - there must have been an old bug on top of my typo. Had been having trouble typing rather than escaping the parentheses in my path. No need to drop a junction as I mentioned earlier and deleted. The following works fine. Simply escape the parentheses with a "$".]

In any event, to open the selected folder in XY from Everything's context menu conveniently when selecting "Explore Path":

Tools -> Options -> Context Menu -> Explore Path
Select the "Show this Item" switch.

Enter in the Command Box:

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$exec("C:\Program Files $(x86$)\XYplorer\XYplorer.exe" %1)
If you'd like to open the parent folder of the selected folder, put this in "Explore""

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$exec("C:\Program Files $(x86$)\XYplorer\XYplorer.exe" $parent(%1))
Everything really is a lovely tool, especially if you have a lot of external drives and network shares - fast as you can type indexing of files and folders (and a bit more at your option), including several advanced search syntaxes such as regular expressions - which you'll generally find familiar from here, though with a few small syntax differences. Can check file existence even without the drive attached if set up that way. Modest index size. Exceedlingly rapid NTFS index building; other file systems can be read in, though slower, and must be manually entered. Free, no strings, but please donate. No nags. Nice adjunct to XY. Easy to move its results into XY. There's even a script somewhere or other in the forums here that lets you use its command-line syntax to go straight to a paper folder if you're so inclined.

Everything is available at:

If you haven't tried it, do. Immediate search results is not a feature I'd wish to do without at this point.
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Re: Little Note on Everything from Its Context Menu - especially if you're having trouble escaping parentheses.

Post by highend » 15 Feb 2017 00:50

There's even a script somewhere or other in the forums here that lets you use its command-line syntax
One of my scripts helped you out? Please donate via Paypal or highend (at) web (dot) de

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