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I scan everything small with VirusTotal. Handles most anything that is likely to be a problem. This isn't exactly an anti-virus, but I also use Sandboxie if I'm worried about something, but still want to give it a try. I also install with Revo Uninstaller - a very nice program program that logs an installation and also gives likely keys and files created later that you can zap. Good program. Keeps my computer tidier than it would be otherwise.

For day-to-day I just use Windows 10 built in plus Malwarebytes. I'm glad I purchased a lifetime license to that quite some time ago. It's also useful in its free version for manual scanning and catches irritating things other antivirus programs ignore. It also seems to play nicely with Windows 10 and whatever other programs one may install. Will work alongside most other antiviruses.

I know that's rather a lightweight installation, but I hate slowing down a laptop with something really heavy handed and over-thorough.

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