what's your favorite media player?

What other productivity software are you working with...
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Re: what's your favorite media player?

Post by suslo » 17 Jul 2018 19:04

audio (play) --- foobar
video (play) --- pot player

audio (edit) --- audition

audio (convert) --- foobar
video (convert) --- XMedia Recode

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Re: what's your favorite media player?

Post by Dustydog » 08 Sep 2018 01:16

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Pascal P
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Re: what's your favorite media player?

Post by Pascal P » 06 Apr 2019 13:58

For most of my software, my philosophy is to search first open source and light releases (use few CPU, HDD space and RAM space), but when free or commercial software are really better I use it (like XYplorer ;) ).

For audio player, I use XMPlay.
It's very light, read a lot of formats, has nice skins, allow a lot of customization and...
work with global shortcuts (may be controlled in background when ye are on other applications, so I use Ctrl+up to play/pause, Ctrl+Alt+Left for previous track, Ctrl+Alt+Rigth for next track...).

For video player, I use PotPlayer, MPC-HC and sometimes VLC.
PotPayer is not an open source software but I choose it because it offer a lot of customization, and mainly allow speed control without pitching sound thanks to X and C shortcuts.
VLC do it too, but is more complicated and less ergonomic.
MPC is very robust and work fine for 1× speed.

For simple video editing VirtualDub2 is a very good tool (allow to crop/join streams without recalculate it, but work as a classic video encoder too).
MKVToolnix and gMKVExtractGUI are great for cropping/joining videos and extract audio from files.
FFMpeg is better again, but only work as a cmd (no GUI).

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Re: what's your favorite media player?

Post by underwood » 26 May 2019 11:56

Audio: foobar2000
Video: SMPLAYER (have used VLC a long time but changed to SMPLAYER because it had less problems playing my video files)

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Re: what's your favorite media player?

Post by John_C » 06 Jul 2019 01:11

Spotify for music. (Which is exist as web app as well as desktop app.)

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Re: what's your favorite media player?

Post by giovicario » 13 Jul 2019 03:11

audio : i like 1by1 , it's a directory folder player.
video: MPC , potplayer .

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