WinRAR - remarkable service

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WinRAR - remarkable service

Post by prino »

Among the few programs I've ever paid for is WinRAR (Others? The ones I can readly think of? Obviously XY, several versions of IDA Pro, Vern Buergs's "List Enhanced" (sadly not the server version), and something, long ago superseded by VLC, to transcode AVI files to MP4 ones). My rarkey.reg file dates back to "2004-03-17 14:23". I never bought a license for the DOS version (where I used PK(un)ZIP).

However, at the moment I find myself working (on real PC DOS, be it in a VirtualBox VM, where, much to my amazement, I can even run Borland's TD286 protected mode debugger) with my old hitchhike statistics programs (written in TP 3 and TP 6 - even found a bug in a TP6 version dating back to August 2000) and I decided to convert the old ZIP archives to RAR ones using the old 2.50 version of RAR for DOS. Obviously the license file for WinRAR didn't do much for DOS RAR, so I yesterday sent off an email to Eugene Roshal, and would you believe it, this morning there was an email with the required registration code!

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Re: WinRAR - remarkable service

Post by Horst »

Fully agree with WinRAR, hopefully it will never sold out to an investor.
I have a life-time license which works since a very long time over all versions up today.
There is only one life-time license I own which beats this for me
I bought Total Commander (Windows Commander) in the times of Window for Workgroups (3.11) and its still valid today
with Windows 10 and TC version 10 on any number of PCs I have.
Windows 10 Home x64 Version 21H2 (OS Build 19044.1110)
Portable XYplorer v22.10.0006
Everything (x64)

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Re: WinRAR - remarkable service

Post by admin »

Same with XYplorer. My license is from 2007. ;)
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Re: WinRAR - remarkable service

Post by Joso »

same here (Win Commander, WinRaR & Xyplorer) - we live in "ize" times (as in weaponize and monetize). When we find one man (the author) supporting his code in every way possible, a decade after he has collected his due, it's like an oasis in the desert. Respect is owed and bestowed.

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