XYPlorer vs Directory Opus

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XYPlorer vs Directory Opus

Postby manmeetbhangu » 13 Oct 2016 04:51

I have been using XYPlorer for more than 3 years and I am damm happy about it. I have a lifetime licence and eagerly await the next update !
Recently, I wanted to rename a lot of files with incrementing prefix. I googled it and I found another file manager "Directory Opus". Never heard of it before but when I googled more, lots of people has good praise for it.
Has anyone used it recently and extensively. How does it compare to XYplorer?

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Re: XYPlorer vs Directory Opus

Postby admin » 21 Oct 2016 13:42

You can use XYplorer's Batch Rename function to rename a lot of files with incrementing prefix. Example for pattern:

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Never heard of that other software.

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Re: XYPlorer vs Directory Opus

Postby pat55 » 11 Dec 2016 01:34

Never heard of that other software.

Really - it comes from AU and does not have paper folders.

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Re: XYPlorer vs Directory Opus

Postby RalphM » 11 Dec 2016 01:42

You must have missed Don's sarcasm...
Ralph :-)
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Re: XYPlorer vs Directory Opus

Postby Asta » 16 Dec 2016 16:22

Directory Opus has the advantage of offering a double tree but the disadvantage of being much more expensive than XYPlorer.

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Re: XYPlorer vs Directory Opus

Postby Dustydog » 23 Dec 2016 08:53

My two bits: I didn't find it any deeper in a useful way after my evaluation, and I didn't like the interface as much - I personally found XY to hide its complexity more gracefully while being immediately approachable. I like its use of screen real estate and love its feature set. I'm amazed at the rapport Don has with his users, his development cycle, and the sheer usefulness of the features he consistently provides. And as mentioned, XY's pricing and licensing is amazing; Dopus, not so much - at least not in a good way. Each has features the other doesn't - but I'd never switch, price irrelevant.

And renaming! The batch rename is very intelligently designed, easy and elegant. Also a simple find/replace is sometimes handy and the quickest solution. Then there's a context menu with some common renaming tasks on it. And finally, the regex rename is absolutely rock solid, bug free, learn regexes, you'll use it daily, beautiful. And, ofc, move on rename is supported. Combined with the flexibility of his search dialogue to select the files you want to rename...it's a great combination of features. I haven't used, for example, my pre-XY favorite, "Bulk Rename Utility" for ages - it's very lonely.

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Re: XYPlorer vs Directory Opus

Postby Enternal » 11 Jan 2017 09:23

For me, I like both a ton. I actually own xplorer2, XYplorer, and Directory Opus.

xplorer2: My least favorite by far. The developer is stuck in his own world so it's really hard to convince him of anything and the software itself does not look good and also does not feel "right". Is portable but does not come with any other portable features such as custom file associations. Functional but very boring.

XYplorer: Pure awesome. Very easy to use, looks good, portable, and responsive developer. Portability is freaking awesome in XYplorer as you can even choose custom file associations that can work portably which is really neat for USB drive usages with your own tools. Basically you can take the file manager with your own pre-configured favorite apps and do your business on any computer. Functional just like xplorer2 but VERY FUN TO USE and LOOKS VERY GOOD.

Directory Opus: Also awesome. In terms of interface customization, it's waaay above XYplorer. So you can also make it look however you want it. It functions really well too due to multi-threading support. Personally it's quite ahead for browsing images (though XYplorer is not too bad at all while xplorer2 is horrible horrible horrible). In terms of portability and other functions related to portability such as File Associations (Opus does support this) and File Icons, not as much compared to XYplorer but decent enough.

It sounds weird but I actually use both Directoy Opus and XYplorer side-by-side daily. I love them both very much so I always switch between the two depending on the mood haha. However, most of my customization I have done with shortcuts, catalogs, custom buttons, Papers for various uses, and more are in XYplorer. So basically XYplorer is my primary.

Directoy Opus has "Collections" which are the same functions as Papers in XYplorer. xplorer2 also have "scraps" which are basically the same as well. xplorer2 came with this feature first which I then requested of Don to implement this feature (thanks Don!).

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