BETA version (with detailed history information)

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Here's the new BETA

Post by admin » 11 Jun 2004 13:53

Download the latest TrackerV3 BETA version (v3.50.0057, 11-jun-2004).

Code: Select all

  +++ major new feature
    + new feature
    * changed feature
    % improved performance
    ! fixed minor bug
  !!! fixed major bug

v3.50.0057 - 11.06.04 13:42
    * Improved GUI: removed a couple of 3D-borders around the info panel 
      area. This is the first step in a planned series of GUI-improvements 
      along the line "less is more": when you use a file manager you want to 
      look at your files, not at your manager.
v3.50.0056 - 10.06.04 12:29
    + Menu Favorites: now long path names are shortened to a maximum display 
      width of 400 pixels by replacing characters in the middle of the 
      string with ellipses.
    ! After renaming the 'My Documents' folder (the one on the desktop) to a 
      drive letter, TrackerV3 would not browse that folder, nor that drive, 
      nor the 'Desktop' folder.

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Re: Big thumbs up to the support here

Post by admin » 10 Jun 2004 12:47

Thanks for the prize!
Chris Wood wrote:... has a much faster startup (than the official 3.50.0005).
And also for reminding me to that performance improvement (I forgot to mention it in the history). I'm happy you perceived it!

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Big thumbs up to the support here

Post by Chris Wood » 10 Jun 2004 08:22

Thanks Donald for the latest beta (3.50.0055), it works fine, fixes the bugs I submitted (yay!) and has a much faster startup (than the official 3.50.0005).

You win the 'Best support of a software product' prize! ;) (and I'm quite active in submitting bugs etc. for the software I use, so I should know)

BTW, you should post new betas as new posts in this thread, rather than just editing the old one, so people can subscribe to the thread / visit the forums to be notified of new betas.
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Can You Count on Tracker??

Post by aschaaf » 23 May 2004 22:57

From personal experience, You Bet!

The application works as advertised and the support is the best!


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BETA version (with detailed history information)

Post by admin » 23 May 2004 20:53

NOTE: This is the beginning of the BETA thread. The latest BETA version is found at the end of this thread.

Below's a preview of the history coming up next.
If you're tough enough, try the newest BETA version (v3.50.0055, 09-jun-2004) at home.

Code: Select all

  +++ major new feature
    + new feature
    * changed feature
    % improved performance
    ! fixed minor bug
  !!! fixed major bug

v3.50.0055 - 09.06.04 00:45
    * Auto-Refresh for removable drives improved.
    ! Shift+F5: Refresh File List *with* folder sizes shown, would work only once
      per folder. Fixed.
    ! Slight display irregularities when favorites were marked by bold type. Fixed.
v3.50.0052 - 07.06.04 18:47
    + Menu View/Style Tree, changed the way favorites can be marked in the tree:
        Mark Favs (Icon) -> marked by a small blue icon overlay (as was before)
        Mark Favs (Bold) -> marked by bold type (new feature)
      The latter allows to clearly mark favorites when the tree is shown 
      without icons. You can combine both strategies if you like to get 
      strong marks.
    ! File rename: when renaming a file with a name too long to fit in TV3's 
      window, the edit box cursor would go off the screen. Fixed.
    * Menu Edit/New: the name templates for new files' and folders' names are 
      now fully configurable for those who know how to edit INI-files. You have
      3 folder name templates and 3 text file name templates.
      Here's the new section and the keys:
        Folder0=New Folder    'hard text
        Folder1=yyyymmdd      'date/time sensitive
        Folder2=yyyy-mm-dd    'date/time sensitive
        File0=New Textfile    'hard text
        File1=yyyymmdd        'date/time sensitive
        File2=yyyy-mm-dd      'date/time sensitive
      Note that you can also define textual parts of the date/time sensitive 
      templates, not just dates. To do that you have to backslash all 
      literals, for example:
        File1=\T\e\x\t yyyy-mm-dd_hh-nn-ss
      would create a file auto-named "Text 2004-06-07_10-05-25.txt".
v3.50.0048 - 06.06.04 18:56
    + Now, Auto-Refresh also recognizes removable drives (USB-sticks etc).
    * Improved Auto-Refresh mechanism for the current directory:
      100% reliability, less refresh action.
    * Configuration: changed "Hide removable drives (Floppy and ZIP)" to
      "Hide floppy drives", because this is what you usually want: hide
      the rarely used drives A: and B:.
    * Changed general default path from C:\ to Desktop.
    ! Find Files by Size: would not find files larger than 2 GB by size 
      filter. Fixed. Now you can find files of up to 1 TB (1024 GB, 2^40) by 
      size filter. (Don't send those files by email.)
    ! When searching for Contained Text in files > 4 GB, the app crashed.
      Fixed: you still cannot do that, but it won't crash anymore.
      Result will be set to "not found" for such files.
      BTW: searching for Contained Text in files of 1 GB already can take
      a while... especially if the text is not found among the first 1023MB ;)
    ! Fixed some color issues: file list columns headers and about-box text
      were not resp. too sensitive to the selected Windows color scheme. 
v3.50.0031 - 04.06.04 10:29
    * Tree View: enlarged the hit area of the plus/minus box (expand/collapse node).
      Now you have a fair chance to land a hit.
v3.50.0030 - 01.06.04 11:20
    * Context menu for folders in the tree view: the following commands now 
      all work on the *selected* folder, which is not necessarily the same as 
      the *focused* folder (equivalent to the current folder, which is the 
      location of the current file listing and shown in TV3's titlebar):
        New Subfolder
        Command Prompt Here
        Copy Path
        Copy Folder Name (previously Copy Path Info, see next paragraph)
        Full Collapse
        Full Expand
      Since the selected folder is always the owner of the context menu, this new
      behavior is what you generally expect from context menu commands.
    * Menu Edit/Copy Path Info has been replaced by Copy Folder Name.
      To copy the current path's basic information (path name, object count, 
      byte count) to the clipboard, you can still dbl-click the object-
      count-cell (the left-most cell) in the statusbar.
    ! Status help texts for Full Collapse and Full Expand were swapped. Fixed.
v3.50.0028 - 01.06.04 00:03
    + Menu Edit/New: the date format of the 3rd New Folder and the 3rd New File
      command, before fixed to yyyy-mm-dd, is now configurable for those who know
      how to edit INI-files: open TrackerV3.ini, search the section [Styles]
      and look for (or create) the key NewFileDateFormat. For example:
      would create a folder[file] auto-named like "2004-06-01_00-08-54[.txt]".
      Oh, it's June since 8 minutes!
      Be careful to use only characters that a valid in file names.
    + New keyboard shortcut:
      Ctrl+T: create new text file.        
v3.50.0026 - 30.05.04 20:23
    % "Rebuild Tree" is smoother now.
v3.50.0024 - 27.05.04 19:44
    ! Tree display: Servers in the Network Neighborhood would lose their 
      child nodes after an F4 refresh. Fixed.
v3.50.0023 - 27.05.04 12:06
    + New Command "Rebuild Tree" in Edit menu: as you guess this rebuilds 
      the whole folder tree and then carries you back to the location where 
      you were before, while closing all other open branches.
      Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+F4
    + Shared local folders are now displayed with that begging hand-symbol
      (just as in Explorer).
      This feature works only in: NT3.1, NT4, 2000, XP
v3.50.0022 - 26.05.04 10:03
    ! Capitalization issue with DOS-style 8.3 file names: for example "AUTOEXEC.BAT"
      has been incorrectly displayed as "Autoexec.bat". Fixed.
v3.50.0019 - 25.05.04 16:36
  +++ Now folder sizes can be shown directly in the file list! Of course, with
      large and deeply nested folders, this slows down the file browsing
      considerably, especially on a first browse of that folder. So: use with
      care... or press ESC to abort the endless counting of bytes.
      This feature can be switched on in:
        Configuration/General/Show folder size in file list
    + New keyboard shortcut:
      Shift+F5: Refresh File List *with* folder sizes shown.
      Useful to have a quick glance at sizes when the general "Show folder size
      in file list" is switched off.
    ! Key-repeating (holding down) key F5 (Refresh List) on longer listings
      resulted in artificial multiples of list items, due to re-entry into
      unfinished routines. Fixed.
v3.50.0018 - 25.05.04 13:30
    ! When doing a file search with a blank "Look in" field, TrackerV3 gives 
      the error "subscript out of range", followed by an endless loop or a 
      crash depending on the operating system.
      Fixed: a blank "Look in" field will be auto-filled with the current path.
v3.50.0017 - 23.05.04 15:28
    + Configuration/Previewed Formats: new checkbox "Play AVIs as MPEGs".
      Some AVIs cannot be decoded. They return only audio and the following 
      error message "Video not available, cannot find 'vids:...' decompressor".
      Those AVIs however can often be played without problems when treating 
      them internally as if they were MPEGs.
v3.50.0016 - 01.05.04 16:00
  !!! When dragdropping files across different drives, by default they should be
      copied, not moved. However, when the source was another app (or another
      instance of TrackerV3), the files were actually moved instead of copied.
      This is fixed now: files dragdropped across different drives are always copied
      by default (to force a move, hold the Shift key).
v3.50.0015 - 28.04.04 12:34
    + New keyboard shortcut:
      Ctrl+P: Copy Filename with Path to Clipboard
              (works only if item is selected in ListView)
v3.50.0014 - 27.04.04 13:49
    % Improved list update algorithm: binarily increased update intervals.
v3.50.0011 - 21.04.04 09:58
    ! Fixed some problems with file listings larger than 32767 items.
    + Width of line number column in List View can be configured now:
      manually set INI-file key LinenumDigits in section [Settings],
      allowed values: 4, 5, 6.
v3.50.0011 - 16.04.04 21:58
    * Window position and size restoral: changed algo.
v3.50.0008 - 16.02.04 10:42
    ! Once in a while a truncated JPEG picture would throw TrackerV3 into freeze mode.
      This has been fixed by routing JPEGs through GDI+.
v3.50.0007 - 14.02.04 19:34
    + Added 2 ADPCM (Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation) WAV-formats to
      Audio Preview: IMA ADPCM and Microsoft ADPCM.
v3.50.0006 - 29.01.04 19:33
    + New keyboard shortcuts:
      F11:        open focused HTML-file in browser window
      Shift+F11:  open focused HTML-file in new browser window
      If the focused file has not one of the following extensions:
      .htm .html .shtml .mht .php .php3 .php4 .asp
      simply nothing happens.
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