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by darekkay
20 Nov 2020 18:03
Forum: Wishes
Topic: Make section headlines in settings searchable
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Make section headlines in settings searchable

I've been just searching for the "Clipboard Markers: Colored lines" setting. Unfortunately, the "Jump to Setting" button doesn't offer this setting when I type "clipboard". It seems as if the section headlines in the configuration modal are not searchable. It would be great to include them.
by darekkay
10 Jun 2020 09:40
Forum: Script Exchange
Topic: [DEFUNCT] VirusTotal Reporter for XYplorer
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Re: [DEFUNCT] VirusTotal Reporter for XYplorer

There's a (very limited) alternative. Here's a command/script to open the results page in your browser. It will show you the results IF the file has already been uploaded: ::Open("<prop #hash.sha256>/detection") It's not nearly as nice as the original script, but ...
by darekkay
15 Sep 2017 14:00
Forum: Script Exchange
Topic: XYS syntax highlighting for Notepad++
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Re: XYS syntax highlighting for Notepad++

In case someone wants to use the syntax highlighting on a white background , here it is: lang_xyplorer_screenshot.png It's based on the "XYplorer_UDL_2nd_Test" file by Enternal, so it shares some common issues. I've also published it on GitHub , along other Notepad++ syntax highlig...