Usage Tips

Here is a small collection of tips and tricks that probably all experienced XYplorer users know and apply but might not be immediately obvious to the newbie.


Mouse Down Blow Up™: If you ever work with images, be it photos, web graphics, or whatever you must try out Mouse Down Blow Up. By the way, previews, thumbnails, and blow ups all support a Transparency Grid.
Mini Tree™: Try out the Mini Tree for 10 minutes. Chances are you never go back to the normal folder tree.
Toolbar Buttons have context menus: Almost all the toolbar buttons have right-click menus providing handy access to a number of contextual commands.
Context menus all over: Actually almost all interface elements have right-click menus, even the column headers in the file list and some buttons. Try for example the "..." button at the Location dropdown in the Find Files | Name & Location tab.
Open a folder in a new tab: Hold SHIFT while you click the folder in the Tree, select it from Favorite Folders, or enter it through the Address Bar.
Go up by double-click: Double-Click the empty space in Tree or List to go up one level.
Autosize columns: To automatically adjust the column widths to their contents tick Tools | Customize List | Autosize Columns.
Autosize columns by double-click: Double-Click the Line Number column header (#) and all columns are sized to their optimal width.


On-the-fly font sizing: Use Ctrl+Wheel to quickly change the application’s font size. The font size is instantly adjusted for all major interface elements. The current value is shown in the Status Bar.
Info Panel sizing: Enlarge the Info Panel (F12) by dragging the splitter right below the Status Bar. Previewed images are resized in real time.

Here’s the splitter.

Locked tabs: If you work with locked tabs (which you should) then declare one tab in each pane as "Default Tab" (right-click the tab header and select "Default Tab"). This will save you from ending up with too many tabs.


Show folder sizes: To show folder sizes right in the file list simply tick "Show folder sizes" in Configuration | Tree and List | List. Or even quicker: "Show folder sizes" is also found in the right-click menu of the Size column header.
Icon overlays: To show Subversion/TortoiseSVN icon overlays in Tree and List simply tick "Show Icon Overlays" in Configuration | Refresh, Icons, History.


Time stamping: Time Stamping (modifying the timestamps) and Attribute Stamping (modifying the attributes) of one or more files can be done directly on the Info Panel’s Properties Tab.


Simple trick to gain a little speed: Anti Virus software, e.g. Windows Defender, can slow down the listing of directories that contain many executable files. Here is how to work around this.
Faster Thumbnails: Thumbnail quality is preset to “High Speed” (Configuration | Thumbnails | Quality). However, it turns out that on some systems the setting “Fast” is actually faster than the setting “High Speed”. Play with it to find out what’s fastest on your system.