User-Defined Commands

User-Defined Commands (UDCs) are menu commands, where you decide
where they are located in the menu,
what their caption is, and
what they do when clicked.

Optionally, as with all menu commands in XYplorer, you may assign keyboard shortcuts to them.

UDCs are all located in menu User. On top of this menu you find the item "Manage Commands...". Let's start with a practical example right away...

A Practical Example: Going to Mars

You have to visit D:\Company\Projects\2008\MarsLanding\TopSecret\ about 25 times a day, 7 days a week? What about having a keyboard shortcut, e.g. Ctrl+Shift+M, to bring you there?

Here you go:

Open menu User | Manage Commands...
Select category "Go To" and click button "New".
Paste D:\Company\Projects\2008\MarsLanding\TopSecret\ into the Location field, and MarsLanding into the Caption field.
Click button "Assign Keyboard Shortcut..." and select Ctrl+Shift+M.
Click button "Apply", and Exit the dialog with "OK".

Pressing Ctrl+Shift+M now will beam you up to D:\Company\Projects\2008\MarsLanding\TopSecret\ instantly from wherever you are (provided, of course, that folder exists). It's as simple as that!

A corresponding new menu item "MarsLanding" has been automatically created under menu User | Go To.

Example #2: Launch Clipboard with Firefox

There's a URL on the clipboard you want to visit with Firefox? A UDC of type "Open" is the fastest way to do it. Just set Item to "C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" <clipboard> (adjust the path to your system, of course!), and assign e.g. Ctrl+Alt+F as keyboard shortcut. Now you can open URLs stored in clipboard using Firefox with a simple key combination.

This page has been written 2008-05-08. The screenshots don’t reflect the current look of the application. Some of the functionality might have been changed or enhanced in the current version.