Release 9.00

XYplorer 9.00 has been released on 26-Mar-2010. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

Background Processing. Now you can continue working in XYplorer while heavy copy jobs are processed in the background.

Enable Background Processing in Configuration | File Operations.

By default background processing is applied to copy and also to move operations when they are across volume boundaries, i.e. when bytes are copied. Moves within volume boundaries just update the MFT (master file table), so they are very fast and do not need to be backgrounded. Also Rename and Delete operations are not backgrounded by default. From version 9.10 onwards these default settings can be customized.

Queued File Operations. Background file operations can optionally be processed sequentially (in a queue), which is often far more efficient than processing them in parallel.

With queueing enabled successive operations are lined up in sequence and completed one after the other. E.g. if you initiate a job, say a Copy operation, while another one is still in progress, the new one will be delayed until the other one is finished. This is also known as asynchronous copy.

Without queueing background file operations are processed in parallel. Parallel processing can be quite inefficient and may put unnecessary stress on your hard disks because of excessive head movements.

There is also a handy toolbar button for this setting (Screenshot from v9.40).

The right-click menu of this button has an item Background Jobs... where you can display the background file operations that are completed, in progress, or pending within the current session. You will also see which copy jobs have been cancelled or only partially completed.

Status of all background file operations within the current session. The data can be exported to the clipboard via the list's context menu.

Interface and functionality of Background Processing and Queued File Operations have been improved in version 9.10!
Remove Diacritics. A special rename command to strip any diacritical marks from the letters in all selected item names, e.g. "Köln" > "Koln".

The Rename Special context menu with an array of useful rename options.

Raw View. Now UTF-16BE (Big Endian) files are supported when they have the UTF-16BE BOM (Byte Order Mark).

Named Visual Filters. Now you can define a caption to each filter item and thus give complex filters a friendly name. For example, define the following Visual Filter in menu View | Current Tab | Set Visual Filter... (Ctrl+J):
The caption "Images" describes a list of extensions.
The caption describes the effect of a visual filter.
Here a caption describes the meaning of a (potentially complex) RegExp pattern. RegExp patterns are marked by a preceding > character.

The Tab captions of a filtered list will show only the (unquoted) caption of a Named Visual Filter:

Applied Visual Filter: "Images" *.gif|*.png|*.jpg

New App Icon. XYplorer proudly presents its new icon and logo: