Release 24.60

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XYplorer 24.60 has been released on 24-Jun-2023. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Custom Folder Icons. Now the download package contains five colored folder icons in Windows 11 style for your pleasure. Three of them are predefined as Custom File Icons. Seeing them in action is just a click away. You get a cute yellow generic folder icon, a blue icon for empty folders, and a red one for inaccessible folders. Looks good and is more helpful than you might think. Give it a try!

    Here is the default Customize File Icons dialog (Tools | Customize File Icons... Shift+Alt+F9). Nothing to do for now, but later you can add as many custom icons as you like:

    The factory default Customize File Icons dialog.

    Note: If you do not see the icons as shown in the image above, then some application (probably some icon viewer or editor) has hijacked the ICO extension to display its own icons. Go into the application’s settings and make it stop doing this.

    This is the toolbar button to activate the custom file icons:

    The button to click.

    This is the C drive root before you enable the custom file icons. Everything is yellow:

    Standard folder icons.

    And this is the C drive root after you enabled the custom file icons. You can immediately see which folders are empty (blue) and which are inaccessible (red).

    Custom folder icons.

    Credits to Brian Johnson for creating the Windows 11 style color icons!

  • Deghost Your Icons. Now you can control whether the icons of hidden items are drawn in this ghostly, semi-transparent way (Windows default) or not.

    Check Configuration | General | Refresh, Icons, History | Icons | Draw hidden icons ghosted to see the above listing without icon ghosting:

    Deghosted icons.

  • Peek at Embedded Icons. Now you can use the wheel to scroll through all the embedded icons in an icon resource and see their full list.

    First make sure that Configuration | General | Refresh, Icons, History | Icons | Show embedded icons on Properties tab is checked.

    Select C:\Windows\System32\shell32.dll and open the Properties tab in the Info Panel (F12). Double-click the label that shows the number of embedded icons. You will see a list like this (the exact content depends on your Windows version and setup):

    Icons embedded in shell32.dll (16 x 16).

    To see larger icons, hold down the SHIFT key while double-clicking the label:

    Icons embedded in shell32.dll (32 x 32).

  • Status Bar Section Width. Now you can adjust the width of the first two sections of the status bar by hitting Shift+Alt+Wheel over them.

    Well, it works as advertised. Here are a few shots to prove it.

    Custom Section Width, Proof #1.

    Custom Section Width, Proof #2.

    Custom Section Width, Proof #3.

  • Many Other Improvements. See change log (about 1.5 MB).